Ocotober 2015 Issue: FRANCO MASADA – Meet the New ‘Jerry Maguire’ of Hollywood

The age-old question “Why can’t we all just get along?!” is on Franco Masada’s mind. And he’s on a mission to address the problem and help solve it by bringing more love and harmony into Hollywood and the world, one film at a time. In fact, he’s already been given the green-light to go into production on a film he wrote and is co-producing called “The Birthright.” He’s co-producing the film with 360 Studios founder Keith Barrows. The studio is thriving with highly- anticipated projects including the independent feature film “Night Walk” starring luminaries such as Eric Roberts, Tiny Lister and Patrick Kilpatrick. “The Birthright” is a film that Franco describes as “The Bourne Identity” meets “The Fugitive.” It tells the harrowing story of a computer genius who discovers a carefully hidden secret that exposes a new real present danger which threatens the entire world. The kicker is that only this genius has the answer to ultimately save the world, but he must find his true identity in order to discover it. The idea for the film kept circulating in Franco’s mind and he couldn’t “turn it off.” Fortunately, the film finalized his decision to move back to Hollywood where he resides in his five story home in the Hollywood Hills. “It feels like it’s supposed to be and where I’m supposed to be in this time and this moment.” And this is only the beginning. In truth, this is just one of many ideas for films flowing in Franco’s active mind. He has plenty of others that he plans to release with a common purpose: “to help shift the perception of humanity.”

Franco would like “for people to love and respect everyone as they would expect people to treat them… there doesn’t have to be hatred and animosity.” It’s essential everyone understand that Franco’s aim is to try and make society become less selfish. “If people loved one another (more), then there would be less differences and problems,” he echoes. Furthermore, his movie opens the doors for those he manages in his management company, “Franco Presents” to be involved in the film either as an actor or in another element. He manages what he calls a “boutique-style company” because his clients become family. That’s the depth of attention he gives to those he dedicates his time. One of his clients is the gorgeous model and actress Zara Adams from London. She just moved to LA a few months ago and was thrilled to find a manager and friend in Franco. Zara explains her experience with Franco: “I was looking for a mentor to guide me in this city. To have someone who understands the business and knows people. That’s really important and I needed that. It makes you grounded as well. I needed someone who was genuine and kind-hearted (but) also ‘has your back,’ quite literally.” Indeed, if you’re in Franco’s world, you can be sure he’s got your back. But, he holds your hand, too. He’s a commanding presence but he certainly has a tender and nostalgic heart as well. He holds dear mighty attributes such as accountability and honesty, sentiments that he feels have become diminished in modern American culture. “People have lost integrity and standards. (But) things don’t pay off by being a conniver or a liar… it may in the short run, but in the long run, it will come back and you’ll pay dearly for it. Your word is your bond,” Franco shares.

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