December 2015 Issue: Spotlight on Jimmy D RobinsonKeeps Striking Gold

One of the top producing art brokers in the United States is Jimmy D Robinson. For more than 12 years, Robinson has been traveling the world serving clients with his international art brokerage firm, Jimmy D Robinson, Inc. located in West Palm Beach, FL. Working with a go-getter modus operandi, Robinson pursues world-renowned artists and their finest work to present to his buyer clients.

He has built iron-clad relationships with many esteemed collectors, prestigious museums, and corporations around the globe. His innate ability to match his represented artists and work to his clients’ distinguished tastes is always on target. When selling pieces on behalf of his clients, Robinson’s enthusiasm and negotiation skills are second to none.

jimmydrobinson2The art market is always changing. While trends come and go, Jimmy D Robinson has carved his undeniable path as a reliable trendsetter. Day and night, clients and customers call him to learn about what is going on in the market and to seek appraisals on the cherished works of art they hold.

Jet-setting to countries far and near, Jimmy D Robinson surveys well-known cities and unique art scenes in remote areas looking for rare paintings, up-and-coming artists, exceptional sculptures and sensational new collections. He does not specialize in a particular style, period, or region, but studies, buys and brokers works from world-class incomparable artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Lee Ufan, Yoshitomo Nara, Adolph Gottlied, Pablo Picasso, Jules Olitski, Claudio Brava, Helen Frankenthaler, Guiermo Kuitka, Kim Tschang-Yeul, Henry Moore, and Frank Stella, just to name a handful.

Robinson displays and holds many esteemed pieces, which are available for acquisition by private collectors, interior designers, corporate procurers and museums worldwide. Private showings, by appointment only, are available at the Jimmy D Robinson, Inc headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL.

The international art brokerage firm’s showroom is like one of those fantastic places that have a little bit of everything but, is cultured and cool. The art brokerage firm is staged in style with mind-blowing objects and collections that are always updated to remain cutting-edge and remarkably fun.

In an extremely competitive and oftentimes over-aloof business, laden with slick wheelers and shady dealers, Jimmy D Robinson continues to rise to the top of his game as one of the greatest names in the art world, due to his friendly and highly-recommended service and his total honesty in the business.

“I welcome and embrace every client’s special request. Their wishes are fulfilled, along with the best service I can provide. Every new client I have taken on remains my client for many more deals. My standard work ethic is to go above and beyond the call-of-duty with VIP service for everyone. Clients immediately experience the upgrade to excellence when doing business with Jimmy D Robinson, Inc.”  -Jimmy D Robinson

“I have been an avid art lover and collector most of my adult life. Throughout the years, I’ve met many art dealers and brokers, but none has compared to the superb client care I have experienced while working with Jimmy D. Robinson.

jimmydrobinsonHis expertise, honesty and friendly red carpet service have brought me back to him time and time again, for all of my buying and selling needs. Jimmy D. Robinson has earned his spot on my speed dial! You will quickly admire him and his phenomenal work as well.” — Sandra G. – Attorney, Miami

Why is Jimmy D Robinson a prominent art dealer and able to influence market trends and the tastes of rare art collectors? Mr. Robinson is forever evolving and seeking out what will be the next big thing in the art world. He possesses an uncanny innate sixth sense for what artistic objects big time collectors fall in love with. This coming season, Robinson will be traveling throughout South America and China, including Hong Kong, seeking and buying great works of incredible top-tier art, which distinguished collectors adulate.