VH1 Honors Teddy Riley

Teddy Riley is more than just the father of a Love & Hip Hop star. He is a musical genius whose impact on the music industry is sorely underrated. Known as the King of New Jack Swing, Teddy forever transformed American music in many different ways. Throughout his career, he’s written, sung, and produced countless records that have soared to the top of the charts. These songs have impacted culture for the better and continue to affect our lives—whether we realize it or not.

For someone who has done so much for us, his accolades are surprisingly few. Can you believe that he’s only won a single Grammy in his entire career? Where are his Lifetime Achievements awards from the Grammys, American Music Awards or BET? For crying out loud, Teddy invented a completely new genre of music!

Let’s break down how much this genius has done for the industry, one musical fact at a time. Read entire article here.