February 2016 Issue: Kevin Allison’s #LoveSwag

Writer and producer Kevin Allison’s feature debut, the romantic and risqué comedy, #LoveSwag, takes the audience on the transformational journey of main character, Bronson. The legendary music-mogul sleeps with different women regularly, until he develops an embarrassing medical condition, which makes him impotent, getting a “thumbs down” from ladies. Though, while on his way to getting his swagger back and restoring his rep, will he cheat on a women of good character, who stood by him and nursed him back to good health? The film reveals the struggles men have with fidelity and uncovers sexual taboos, while reducing male dominance to a laughable situation.

love swag5Allison, a native of California, first became interested in writing screenplays while a student at Morehouse College, when he read his friend Ricky Harris’ screenplay for a John Singleton film. Allison has been writing for more than 10 years. “I just kept writing and writing and finally the opportunity came for me to do a film and I just went with it,” he said. Allison said he wrote the film from real-life inspiration, including the images portrayed through a plethora of rap songs. “I thought it would be great to have a film to play off of that image,” he said. “I’d say the script took about a year to write it and it sat for a while. I was inspired to go back and spruce it up. And then we got the phenomenal director Austin Davoren. He gave the script a read and he loved it.” Allison overcame logistical and financial obstacles in the making of the film. “I didn’t have any money, but I knew I was going to make this film for some reason,” he said.

love swag4It took about four years, but the project was successfully done. Along with the script and directing, what makes #LoveSwag stand out is its cast of actors who were relatively new to the film industry. “When we first started casting, we were blown away to see the amount of talent that came into the room,” Allison said. “It’s destiny. Incredible people were brought to this incredible script. He said in the film, Bronson decides to fight for his swag. Actor and comedian Giovanni Watson plays Bronson. Watson was born and raised in Gary, Ind. and began acting at an early age later incorporating dance into his repertoire. He moved to L.A. “fresh out of high school.” “I’ve danced for a few people, will.i.am, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, R. Kelly, he said. “I have a long history in dancing professionally.” He said his character in #LoveSwag reminds him of a modern day Marcus Graham a character from the film “Boomerang.” “A good-looking guy,” Watson explained. “A womanizer. Financially stable. Never really wanting to settle down. Until that one woman came into his life and gave him a new perspective on life and love.”

love swag6Watson said he also received inspiration for his portrayal from his own life experiences. He said he dated a lot of women, “until that one woman comes along and changes everything.” He said what audiences will take away from #LoveSwag is that when you become a man, you put away childish things and it’s OK to let your guard down to try something new. Also that life is about second chances.