Jimmy Sedghi Named HW “Man of the Year”

With an estimated one million Iranian’s living in the US, the Persians are considered the ‘Gucci Immigrant” representing highly respected doctors, engineers, lawyers, nurses and top businessmen. Persia, now called Iran, is one of the oldest civiizations in the world with more than 7,000 years of history.

As a young man, Jimmy Sedghi’s story begins with a brief but remarkable meeting with the Shah of Iran, and involved many meetings with world leaders. Just before the 1979 Islamic Revolution Iran was on the road to progress and enjoyed very good relations with every country in the world, and particularly a great relationship with the US.

The late Shah was admired by all of the US Presidents and in a New Years visit to Iran, President Carter called Iran the ‘island of tranquility.”  Click here, to read more.