Sushi On A Roll

In this, our 2017 edition of Hollywood Weekly, we are pleased to introduce world-famous celebrity chef Jeff Roberto. “Sushi On A Roll” is the brainchild of Philippines native and San Diego based Chef Roberto.

Chef Roberto’s award-winning sushi is incredibly tasty and makes for a great treat not to be overlooked by party host or event managers who may be scheduling their next holiday festivities. We can personally attest to the impact delicious sushi can have on guest as Chef Roberto recently drove from San Diego to Dick Clark Productions in Santa Monica to personally oversee Hollywood Weekly’s Christmas party. Chef Roberto creates these one of a kind Sushi Cake pieces of art comprise completely of a wide variety of sushi rolls, the freshest fish and seasoned sushi rice. These “Sushi Cakes” are a huge hit at birthday parties, and anniversaries. We highly recommend “Sushi On A Roll” for everyone. To read the entire edition, click here.