A 29-year-old from Plovdiv, Bulgaria well-known in her native land, Ms. Delka Nenkova adorns the cover of Hollywood Weekly Magazine.

Ms. Nenkova walks the difficult path from her native Plovdiv to Hollywood. She most recently was interviewed in Los Angeles and now appears on the cover of Hollywood Weekly,  a magazine which has gained global popularity boasting an international audience with readers in 64 countries and a unique slogan of “no gossip, just entertainment.”

Currently Ms. Nenkova, a Bulgarian native and actress, is featured in the biographical “Delka: Stand-Up Tall or Fall” (“Delka: With head held high”). The plot tells the true story of a young Bulgarian woman who leaves home to seek her fortune. Delka performed all of the circus acts in the movie alone, without any understudy.

“I wanted to prove with this film that it may be interesting, even when the main actress is focusing 24 hours in the pursuit of her goals. It is not enough to be simply beautiful and smiling, says Delka, it is important to first help oneself. That is why she decided to make the film and its history.”

She has participated in “Iron Man 2”, and this year is expected to hit “My Grandpa the Assassin” (“My grandfather – killer”). Nenkova plays the niece of Vanga in the Russian sitcom, which enjoyed a large audience including in Russia.

She is a former Republican champion in rhythmic gymnastics, and while a student at NSA toured all over in the Norway ballet “Veda” which manifests as an actress and dancer. Delka’s circus actress worked as a circus march in Europe, Israel and other countries. Her trademark is attractive and dangerous numbers. When Delka finds herself in Hollywood, she did not speak English. But with conviction and with serious effort, mastered the language in about half a year after attending various acting schools. Biographical in nature, the movie can be watched with subtitles in iTunes. To order the cover edition of Hollywood Weekly Magazine featuring Ms. Delka Nenkova, please click here.

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