LA Summer Bachata Festival

Los Angeles Summer Bachata Festival is the number one dancing festival of the summer! The outstanding festival took place from August 8 to 12 at the Sheraton The Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles. The elegant venue took place among several ballrooms that were tastefully decorated to fit the themes of Latin music. The crowd ranged from beginners to expert performers, who all embraced their love for dance, learning, and performing. Attendees included locals of Los Angeles to enthusiasts all the way from New York. From 8 AM to 5 AM everyday there was always something going on at the festival, whether it was a workshop from professional dancers, pool parties, games, contests, competitions, nightly themed parties, or social dancing until the sun comes up. The festival even had wellness and Airbnb real estate workshops to teach skills outside of bachata. There was something there for everybody!

This phenomenal festival was created by Leslie Ferreira and Jorge Contreras, who are known as the pioneers of bachata in Los Angeles. Leslie Ferreira is an award-winning bachata instructor and dancer. Jorge is the original creator of Bachata Nights in Steven’s Steakhouse, which was the first Bachata Nightclub in the United States. Together, this dynamic team brought the dancing of Bachata into Los Angeles ever since 2008. They also created their own dance company called, Bachata Caliente. Bachata Caliente is the first official bachata-only focused dance company in Los Angeles. Many other companies may teach several different styles and have some bachata classes, but Bachata Caliente makes bachata their sole focus. 

Throughout their dancing careers, Jorge and Leslie went across the world to showcase their Bachata Caliente style, which combined central and traditional bachata dancing. They went on to participate and win several competitions with their unique style. They have heavily influenced bachata in Los Angeles through Bachata Caliente and their bi-annual festivals. 

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