Q&A with Gary Reeves

Photo Credit: Gary Reeves & Sydney Nycole

By: Niki Shadrow Snyder

  1. NS:  Tell us about yourself and what you do?  GR: I’m a community service provider and social impact entrepreneur.  I am the Founder of GIVE To Change Foundation,  the philanthropic arm of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning television series GIVE on the OWN network. I am deeply committed to creating values-based, positive content centered on service and community involvement.
  2. NS:  How did you personally move the needle in 2020?  GR:  I inspire healthy social and emotional change, through my actions toward others. I create content across media platforms with producing partners like Blair Underwood, Anthony Melikhov and our collaboration with Unite 4 Good Foundation. Together we help create a global movement.
  3. NS: How did you deal with the stress in the world in 2020? GR:  I feel stress is derived from unfiltered or unrealistic expectations.  So I try to balance both by paying attention to what I empower in my daily activities.
  4. NS:  Do you have any advice for your younger self?  GR:  Don’t be afraid of your imperfections, because that’s when God shows up.  
  5. NS: What did you do in 2020 that you’re most passionate about?  GR:  My passion is to be a better provider of wisdom to my children and loved ones.
  6. NS: What was the worst part of 2020 for you?  GR:  My biggest disappointment in 2020, is seeing people suffer, because we still don’t have enough empathy being exercised by those in power.
  7. NS: What was the best part of 2020 for you?  GR:  The best part of 2020 is the fact I can still enjoy my children and those that mean a lot to me.
  8. NS: What does success mean to you?  GR:  Success to me is being able to live peacefully with your own truth. It also means collaborating with people I love. A perfect example is my collaboration with my daughter, Sydney Nycole who wrote and performed the theme song for the GIVE TV series.
  9. NS:  What causes are important to you?  GR:  I think it is more my purpose than a cause. I want to continue to be fearless in sharing empathy and the power of social healing by giving forgiving love.
  10. NS:  Do you think the world right now needs to be influenced by what they can get or what they can give in the middle of this pandemic?  GR:  I believe celebrating others sets a healthier climate for equality and social inclusion.