Q&A with Dean Graziosi

By: Niki Shadrow Snyder

  1.  NS:  Tell us about yourself and what you do?  DG: I’m a multiple New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, investor, father of 3 amazing kids, Breanna, Brody and Luca, and husband to my amazing wife Lisa. For over 20 years, I’ve been dedicated to delivering self-education to those seeking transformation and success outside the normal path of traditional education.
  2. NS:  How did you personally move the needle in 2020? DG: From being a completely “in person” entrepreneurial company for the last 20 years, the pandemic hit so fast and hard to so many people, I was fortunate enough to help our company pivot and turn all my companies completely virtual in record speed. My team of 70+ and I are now completely virtual, working more efficiently than ever. We also converted our in-person education experiences to online and I believe they are better than ever. We also did the same for my dear friend and partner Tony Robbins. We helped convert in person events to virtual for even his most signature events and the results have been mind blowing. Touching over 500,000 lives in over 150 countries just since the pandemic started.
  3. NS: How did you deal with the stress in the world in 2020?  DG: By knowing people around me needed the best version of me. The world needs leaders, role models and those focused on what we have and what we can create. Knowing my kids, my wife, my team and those students around the world were looking to me for guidance made me step up and practice what I preach at the highest level.  “This too shall pass”, and who we will be after this depends on who we are when things get tough.
  4. NS:  Do you have any advice for your younger self?  DG: To model those playing the game at the highest level possible.  That you don’t have to do everything yourself. I hustled night and day, doing everything I possibly could and it worked, but I know now there’s an easier path through self-education that could have helped me tremendously.  That’s why I’m so passionate about my Knowledge Broker Blueprint movement with my dear friend and business partner Tony Robbins showing people how to extract what they know for massive impact and profits both virtually and in person. Truly a future proof industry.
  5. NS:  What did you do in 2020 that you’re most passionate about?  DG: In 2020, we donated $600,000 to Operation Underground Railroad, passed 7 million meals through Feeding America, and built a school in Africa through Village Impact and their awesome team. Those that say money can’t buy happiness simply have not given enough away to those who need it.
  6. NS: What was the worst part of 2020 for you? DG: Not being able to spend time with those that I love. My newest baby boy Luca was just born and not being able to share him with my parents, my wife’s parents, and our entire family hasn’t been easy on anyone. Plus watching so many people being uncertain about their future is hard and why we work so hard to help give them a path.
  7. NS: What was the best part of 2020 for you? DG: The best part of 2020 for me has been seeing the innovation from people, companies, and everyone pivoting.  It’s been a year of hurt, pain, and struggle for so many people, but there has also been so much good that has come out of this year due to people being forced to step up and fight for what they love, and it’s shown.  It’s brought a new-found energy to so many business owners and entrepreneurs.  Plus, the birth of my son Luca.
  8. NS: What does success mean to you?  DG: Success means control to me. To be able to spend time with my wife and kids when I want to. To be able to live life on my terms. Help those I want to help and be the father, leader, husband, and friend that makes me know I’m being the best version of myself.
  9. NS:  What causes are important to you? DG:  Like I mentioned before, Feeding America has been an amazing charity I’ve worked with for many years, providing meals to those in need. We are on track to bring 10 million meals in 2021, with our next goal in mind of 100 million meals. I also love the charity Village Impact with my good friends Stu and Amy McClaren, who provide access to community-led education, leadership, and economic opportunities for thousands of children in rural Kenya.  Along with our local partners, we’re passionately committed to empowering kids to dream big and to gain the skills and know-how they need to lead transformed lives, free from poverty, for the long term.  And Operation Underground Railroad, that saves kids from slavery, just landed in my heart and my wife and I decided to go all in to help as much as we could. 
  10. NS:  Do you think the world right now needs to be influenced by what they can get or what they can give in the middle of this pandemic?  DG: It has to be both. Giving doesn’t come without earning and without giving, some-times you don’t know why you are earning. I had a few opportunities to spend time with Richard Branson and one morning when we were out sailing, he said something to me that stuck with me forever. We were all blessed with different gifts, if you have the right mindset, the right tools, the right capabilities and opportunities to make money, you have an ethical obligation to make as much as you can to be able to give it away and help serve people you love on the highest level possible.