Q&A with Nancy Lieberman

By: Niki Shadrow Snyder

  1. NS:  Tell us about yourself and what you do?  NL:  I am a Basketball Hall of Famer, a two time Olympian, a former NBA Assistant Coach with the Sacramento Kings, and the current Head Coach of Team Power.  My team was the BIG3 – 2018 League Champions and I was named the Coach of the Year.  
  2. NS:  How did you personally move the needle in 2020?  NL:  With the pandemic, we didn’t stop helping those that needed us.  My charity’s doors were always open.  As soon as everything shut down, I led a spring and summer at home workout series via social media to help keep our youth active while quarantined.  We also did a virtual summer basketball camp through social media where campers could send in questions about basketball or really anything and I would send a personalized video response to each question.  My charity, Nancy Lieberman Charities, also donated over 75,000 masks to underserved areas and distributed over 1,000 meals and grocery sacks to first responders, front line workers and families in need.
  3. NS:  How did you deal with the stress in the world in 2020?  NL: Faith and encouragement of the underserved.  
  4. NS:  Do you have any advice for your younger self?  NL: “Never stop working, wanting, and dreaming” and to “Be a giver not a taker”. 
  5. NS:  What did you do in 2020 that you’re most passionate about?  NL:  Helping people who have been left behind. Providing college scholarships, technology, and mentorship to youth across the country. We are “hope givers”, not “dream stealers”.   
  6. NS:  What was the worst part of 2020 for you?  NL:  Loss of friends who died from Covid in New York City.    
  7. NS:  What was the best part of 2020 for you?  NL:   More quality time with my son, TJ, and using my resources to help the underserved community.  My partnership with Hamilton Community Health Network as their new ambassador to support under resourced families is a real honor as well. 
  8. NS: What does success mean to you?  NL:  Success is love and equality.  Lifting others when you rise.
  9. NS:  What causes are important to you?  NL:  Children in need.  Serving others who need us, whether through mentorship, technology to attend school, college scholarships, or physical and educational programming. 
  10. NS:  Do you think the world right now needs to be influenced by what they can get or what they can give in the middle of this pandemic?  NL:  It’s always about what you can give to help others who are scared, in need, and feeling the effects of Covid-19.