Frederico Lapenda

History has been and will always be a very interesting subject. Its is part of every humans existence. Wherever we are, it always catches peoples attention.

This issue, Brazilian Ambassador of Tourism and award-winning Hollywood producer Frederico Lapenda tells us the greatest American history story that you’ve never heard in his book collaboration with Stan Lee ” Allies of the Amazon”. Yes, the great Stan Lee creator of Marvel Universe. From our previous issue, we would like to share again Federico’s 10 ways to “Break into Hollywood.” An insider’s advice on how to be successful in the movie or TV industry. 

This issue comes with other interesting stories:

They compliment each other so well, that the dynamic duo of Stacey Blanchet and Shari Belafonte have come together to form Rowan Moon Productions. Shari is the daughter of Marguerite and the famous singer/actor Harry Belafonte.

Meet Kathleen Valbuena, a rising star. A model, actress and real estate agent whose perseverance showed her way to success. With her go-getter personality, Kathleen believes her hard work, and positive outlook on life is her key to achieving her goals.

Jimmie Lee, the greatest street comedian is back! The Jersey Outlaw has branded with his hit comedy TV show, Dangerously Funny, now shooting in Season 5. Jimmie has filmed this year in Las Vegas, New York City, Atlantic City and Hollywood, and there’s more to come.

Jovan ‘Honey’ Marie, a woman  whose dreams go beyond music and entertainment, and it seems that’s the true thing that sets her apart.

And finally, we dive into the life of Mr. Jerry Boyd, the definition of success is seen in an entirely new light. His incredible journey opens our mind to one of the truest forms of triumph we’ve ever seen.