Michelle Romano

This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with the multi-talented, self-made CEO, Michelle Romano. The sole owner and CEO of Roman Media has always dreamed big, and her drive, passion and motivation in life has lifted her up to become successful in making her dreams come true. 

Born in Boston, MA, this now bi-costal producer, actress and event coordinator has come a long way from her early days of dreaming she could be on the big screen like her idols, Audrey Hepburn and Molly Ringwald. From a young girl, movies always held a place in Michelle’s heart. The actors and actresses made her feel alive and connected. She immediately knew she wanted to be able to share the incredible gift she received while diving into the big screen. Films like the original “Romeo and Juliet” made her feel emotions that were so strong, and she knew she desired to effect people in that way as well. 

Although her dreams and vision were clear, Michelle’s confidence wasn’t as solid. She lacked purpose, and although she dreamed of becoming an actress, she was told at the early age of 14 that she would never make it. Her looks were criticized, and she quickly learned that if she wanted to become successful, she would have to make it happen for herself. 

Michelle attended film school in New York and began learning about the industry on her own. She quite literally spent her days in New York walking up and down the streets, looking for productions where she could get hired in any capacity. Through this experience, she gained a lot of hands-on learning through commercial work, and extra work with small pay. Her desire was to get into the Screen Actors Guild, and ironically, she had to go back to Boston to do so. Once she made the move back to her hometown, she was able to obtain her SAG actor’s card. 

In 2010 Michelle created Roman Media, which is a production company, specializing in Film, TV and Events. Although she took a big hit, as we all did, when COVID-19 swept through the country, she’s now back in action. While she enjoyed laying low and spending time with her family, Roman Media hosted their first event in almost 3 years in Los Angeles this year. 

Actress, Producer and CEO of Roman Media Michelle Romano

As she continued pushing through to pursue her passion, Michelle met Donny T at a movie premiere of a Boston indie film that she starred in. When they met, Donny T immediately saw her passion, drive and hustle and decided he wanted to invest in her. Because of this, Michelle was able to create her first feature film in 2012. 

In the near future, Michelle lets us know she is filming a movie in both Miami, FL and New York that she hopes to debut later this year, as well as a soapy drama series that she is both producing and acting in. 

Recently, Michelle did a photoshoot in New York wearing the amazing designs of Prashant Goyal which are pictured here.

Michelle is a producer in the Producers Guild of America (PGA) as well as a member of the TV Academy (NATAS).  

She is always willing to consider new opportunities in producing, acting, and event coordinating. If you’d like to reach out to Michelle directly you can find her on Instagram @officialmichelleromano, on Facebook @ Michelle Romano, or her website www.RomanMediaInc.com. 

Michelle tells us that something inside of her was always telling her that those who doubted her, were wrong. Their negativity never deterred her, and she always stayed true to her inner voice. She goes on to let us know “If you love something and are passionate about it you will find a way to make it happen,” and we are beyond excited to see where her dreams and passion continues to take her.