Hitha Forever

This is the first single featured on Hitha’s highly anticipated album, FOREVER,  slated for release on July 8, 2022. ‘Forever’ is a touching tribute to her father. Through this uplifting pop/EDM single, Hitha expresses the beautiful connection she has with her Dad. The lyrics capture the special bond she shares with her father.   “‘Forever’ is a message dedicated to my dad, a special person in my life. ‘Forever’ is for all daughters to celebrate and pay tribute to their fathers who have been there for them unconditionally” says 

HithaProduction of this track is stunning and  brings together the pop with EDM/dance. With beautiful messages, collaborating with LA renowned producer Krunk-A-Delic, this single highlights dad-daughter love.  Hitha strives to create music focused on teenage issues, Women empowerment, self-respect, and  justice for all. Her recently released single ‘WE ARE WHO WE ARE’ sheds light on many issues embedded in society. 

With many awards for her recently released single ‘We Are Who We Are’, Hitha continues to grab headlines. This 17-year-old California artist is emerging as a powerhouse with her own unique style of music. Hitha has come too far on her own and has complete ownership of her masters, distribution, publishing, and brand direction. With both her incredible talent and caring activism, Hitha is a beautiful role model for all ages with a bright future ahead. Hitha is having conversations regarding future course and is now open for a music label partnership.

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