My IV Cocktails

A New Wave of Healing. This month we had the opportunity to meet Denise Urtarte MSN, ARNP, FNP-C, and we were introduced to the unique experience she offers at her self-made establishment, My IV Cocktails. Coming from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, NY, Denise has taken her motivation for helping others, her 4 college degrees and her 13 years of nursing experience and created a one-of-a-kind alternative medicine sanctuary. 

Piece by piece, this bi-costal entrepreneur built her dream with the help of her business partner, and graphic designer Salvatore Girone. Through her hard work, and drive to change our view of health care, Denise shifted her focus from ICU nursing to business ownership and created both My IV Cocktails & NOW MedClinic. 

When you first walk into her office, there is an overwhelming sense of calmness. Her beautiful suite in Canoga Park, CA is welcoming, clean and beautiful. The first step in her new-age healing project is a consultation in her NOW MedClinic, where she goes through a few questions to understand your basic health needs and provides you with a full body scan on her In Body Scan machine. During this  process, Denise is looking for the root cause of your issues to determine the best way she can help you. She often goes the extra mile of offering to order your most recent lab work to truly understand what each client is going through and look for signs that may be easily missed by our primary care physicians. 

After Denise gets a better understanding of your health needs, she creates a customized and personalized IV drip, and it’s time to enter the drip room. The energy in the drip room is truly incredible, and something I would highly recommend everyone get to experience. Some common reasons her patients come in for the drip experience are post COVID-19 relief, weight loss, jetlag, hangover, customized vitamin therapy and peptide therapy.  

Once you’ve completed the drip, which takes about 30 minutes, you’re immediately feeling the results. But the treatment doesn’t stop there. Rather than sending you on your way feeling incredible, Denise has found a way to allow us to take a piece of the experience home with her customized take home kits. They are user friendly and allows her patients to keep up with their treatments in between sessions. Some of the common take home kit packages include Rejuvenation, Pain Relief, Serenity, Vitality, Cognition, Vaginista, and Amora. 

What truly sets Denise apart from other IV companies is her true desire to provide personalized treatments for each and every one of her patients. Her passion comes from personal experience dealing with her own health issues, as well as her mothers. When Denise realized there was a better way to heal, without copious amounts of medication, she let her determination drive her, and she never looked back. The experience she provides is truly unique and can absolutely change the way the world views medicine and healing.  

To get your consultation scheduled, you can call Denise directly at (323) 800-8442.  For more information you can find her websites or, or on instagram @myiv_cocktails. I would highly recommend getting on board with Denise, and adopt her motto – Don’t trip, just drip.