Remembering “The Champ” By: Hana Ali

People seem to be chasing fame for the pleasure and status of celebrity. They appear to have little if any awareness of the responsibilities that accompany fame. In this article, originally published in celebration of Muhammad Ali’s 69th birthday, we pay tribute to the “Greatest of All Time.”

In 1976, Muhammad Ali was given a jeweled white robe from Elvis Presley with the words “The People’s Champion” decorated across the back. It was a fitting title for a man who continuously put others first. Muhammad Ali was and always will be referred to as the “People’s Champion.” His immeasurable accomplishments will live on in our hearts and last in our memories as a constant reminder of what human beings are capable of accomplishing.

In January 2011, Hollywood Weekly Magazine was privileged to have his beautiful daughter, Hana Ali interview her father and tell his story. This rare piece of literature provided a glimpse back to a time in history that will add a new dimension to the legendary legacy of a remarkable man. In celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali, an American icon who was known worldwide, HW is reprinting a limited number of this collectible edition of our magazine.  The full interview was personally written exclusively for HW by Hana Ali, the daughter of  the “Greatest of All Time,” Muhammad Ali. To order this collectible edition for $19.95, click here.