Actress & Model

Miray Dogan is a Fresh New Face in Hollywood! This Teen Actress has appeared in several Theatre Productions across the UK. She was born on an island in the Caribbean and grew up traveling with her parents all over Europe. She’s quite cultured, and her ability to give many levels of emotion has always been recognised by those who get the opportunity to work closely with her.

Miray Dogan is a Rising Star! Still new on the scene, she’s been cast in several Films such as; X The End Time, a Multi Award Winning International Sci-fi Action Drama, written and directed by Sean GK. Watchdogs, a Thriller, and the reboot of a former TV series retitled; A Decade of Ravens, Produced by Tammie Smith of Smith international Productions. 

Miray’s native heritage is Greek, Turkish and Caribbean. She’s a very versatile Actress that can be cast as a teenager or a young adult when styled due to her height and elegant long neck. As a creative and artistic girl, she was also an athlete with great agility and still is an avid Rollerblader. Miray loves most forms of music, dance and enjoys travelling especially a good road trip!

We follow her career intently as she’s scheduled to be cast in several other Films in 2022 and a major Historical Western. To know more and follow her career visit Miray Dogan on imdb.me/MirayDogan and connect with her on social media @MirayDogan0fficial.