SELMA BLAIR AND NAOMI WATTS ALSO SPOTTED IN STAR ANIMAL SUNDAYS RECENTLY! Star Animal Sundays is a modern-day expression of style and spirituality that exists at the crossroads of fashion, symbolism, nature, and wellness. Star Animal Sundays is inspired by the many cultures around the world that honor our special connection to the creatures with whom we share the world. The most ancient of people reflected a deep belief in animals that has spanned the ages and continents from cave drawings and hieroglyphics to ancient Greek and Norse mythology. In Hinduism it is believed that people can be reborn again and again — sometimes as humans, sometimes as animals.
Our spirits connect with animals out of appreciation and respect for their strength, their beauty, and their remarkable gifts. The speed and grace of a gazelle; the enormity of the whale; the magical luminously of the firefly. Certainly these magnificent creatures came to this earth if by some magic spell, and it is their essence, their soul, that we have imagined in each of our handcrafted spirit animals.
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