Over the past two decades, Tavares fans wondered, “What ever happened to them and why did they disappear while their number one hit single, “Penny For Your Thoughts” was at the top of the charts with numerous prestigious accolades, not to mention receiving a Grammy? A story of betrayal and control was brewing but never revealed until now. While fans of Tavares worldwide enjoyed the obvious success of the group, Feliciano Tavares, a.k.a. Butch, was in creative limbo.

After writing the title song for their third album “IN THE CITY” it appeared that he was well on his way to becoming the writer and artist. But his philosophical approach didn’t fit the image that the company had in mind for the group. Butch, found himself in a creative funk of sorts and wondered if this was the end of his dream. Tension began to build. He felt his ambition to become that true Artist, not only the singer of songs, but the writer of them as well, were being somewhat ignored. But that was not the only issue.

He felt at the time that the money the group was making was being controlled by management and tried to address the issue, but with no results. In a bold move, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He brought-in his accountant to audit the group’s books. It was intended to bring attention to his concerns, and he wants to be clear. In no way was he suggesting that there was any misappropriation of funds; he just didn’t like the way the money was being handled! And from that point on, his relationship with management deteriorated. To read more, click here.