Vina Lelim Nacionales is a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, philanthropist and CEO of Nacionales & Associates, Inc and the winner of 4 major awards at Classic Mrs. Asia International 2015. Vina bagged 4 major awards in one of the international pageants held in Malaysia last June 2015. She was crowned Classic Mrs. Asia International Goodwill. According to Mrs. Asia International website, the pageant is all about married women – young wives, mothers and even grandmothers from Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, India and many more, who come together to share a common purpose: to foster better communication, culture, friendship and mutual understanding among all Asian people. Vina also declared Mrs. Charity Queen, Mrs. Popularity and Esteegold Ambassador. She was also among the top 3 Best in Talent.

We recently had the privilege to chat with Vina and we are extremely inspired by her unique story and her road to success. To read the entire publication, click here.