Once Upon a Time in the LBC

By: Jordan O’Quinn-Campbell. Photo by: Andrew Gomez

This last weekend the music festival, Once Upon a Time in the LBC, returned to Long Beach and had extraordinary hip-hop, rap, and R&B performances from legends and up-and-coming artists alike. The highly anticipated festival took place on both July 27 and 28 with both dates completely sold out. Many people showed up for performances of the newer rap generation, like Blueface, but the biggest crowds and most respect went to the OGs, like for Snoop Dog, DMX and Warren G. The crowds were also awed by some of their old school R&B favorites, like Ginuwine and Jon B.

YG gave one of the most touching and memorable Nipsey Hussle’s tributes. He wore a shirt with an image of Nipsey and wings letting the crowd know that Nispey is always with him. Before his performance, YG played a short documentary clip of Nipsey that briefly showed how Nipsey influenced this generation. YG also performed his collaborations with Nipsey, had the crowd give a moment of silence, and encouraged the crowd to chant Nipsey’s name throughout his set. There was a strong sense of respect of Nipsey’s legacy throughout the crowd. The strong emotions associated with the tribute carried on to The Game and Snoop Dogg’s sets.

Nipsey Hussle’s legacy was strongly felt throughout the venue. An incredible number of artists dedicated songs and sets to the late Nipsey Hussle, including Bones Thugs-n-Harmony, YG, and the Game.

Nipsey wasn’t the only legend honored during the festival. Snoop Dogg and various other performers were also sure to pay their respects to other celebrated rappers that heavily influenced the rap game, such as Eazy E, Notorious B.I.G, and Tupac Shakur. Although there were some moments of sadness among the crowd for the deceased legends, the festival was also a big celebration for their legacies and a fun time. Hollywood Weekly is excited what magic Once Upon a Time in the LBC will bring next year.