Penny Foskaris

This edition of Hollywood Weekly is filled with great stories. 

  • MGM celebrates the 30th anniversary of Thelma & Louise with a special drive-in screening and Q&A with Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis and the film’s screenwriter Caillie Khouri.
  • The globally Renowned, Filipino, Avant Garde fashion designer Rocky Gathercole is  remembered for his inspirational talent, and kind heart. A global icon, he began with humble beginnings. But, with determination, and what some may call a magical mind, Rocky created a legacy that will continue to live on for many centuries to come.  
  • The pandemic has had a major impact on many industries, as well as, our day to day lives.  One of the industries that has been affected in a major way has been the Movie and TV production industries.  Initially movies were very difficult to shoot due to the quarantines and restrictions on the gathering of groups.  This is starting to change and it is easier to start making movies and TV productions with some careful following of the various guidelines and restrictions.
  • Hollywood! The very name evokes visions of glamor, success and excitement.  It is the dream of countless people to be able to have a career in the Movie and/or the TV industry.  Most picture themselves being a famous movie star.  Some are even drawn to the jobs which are behind the scenes; such as a writer, director, producer, director of photography, editor composer,  etc.  Whatever their individual goals and where they think that they will “fit in” they greatly desire to be in the entertainment industry.  Everyday people are arriving in Hollywood with visions of a glamorous career.
  • Can you guess the #1 fear of most Americans? If you guessed spiders, sharks, or maybe roller coasters, you’d be incorrect. It’s the daunting task we all fear, a task so stressful most of us would rather quit our job than take on – the terrifying monster of Public Speaking.