January 2016 Issue: Spotlight on Pietro NavarraThe Ultimate Artisan For Luxury Travel to Italy

Meet Pietro Navarra also known to clients as providing the best concierge service that there is when visiting Italy. Based in Beverly Hills, Mr. Navarra has made his company, Pietro’s Italy, the best there is when a person wants to have the most magical experience in Italy. Of course, his concierge services have expanded to include clients throughout the U.S.

PIETRO-2Navarra is now the founder of an outstanding company that started out as a vision and ended up being the best luxury destination management company that specializes in Italy. His Mr. Italy. Navarra basically came to America to do what he loves to do best. His love is his country, and he loves to show it off to his high profile of very impressive, unique, and evocative traveling services for the highest profile people of the Hollywood scene and many other industries that are filled with top notch individuals.

Another very notable aspect about his concierge services is that it caters to billionaires and leaves them with the utmost satisfaction. Mr. Italy started with hard work and devotion and now he has built a concierge business that attracts to the biggest and richest names in the world.

It all started in a little town 30 miles from Bologna, Italy, where Mr. Navarra woke up every morning and while looking thru a window would see a man that was working the farm. “The farmer that worked on the farm would say this is your future, but he was joking as I was a little 12 year  old boy at the time.” The window which he looked out to from his bedroom would show him his family’s farm and always reminded him of his humble and struggling life.

“The farmer that worked on the farm would say

this is your future, but he was joking as I was a little 12 year old boy at the time.”

But nothing regretful, as Mr. Navarra has lots of pride and acknowledges that he has been through. He loved American movies growing up. His favorite actors are Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. But one actor in particular, gave him an inspiration to leave his farm and pursue happiness elsewhere. That movie was Michael J. Fox’s “The Secret of My Success”. It showed him that one must be focused to move on and pursue success. In that movie, Fox’s character goes to unspeakable limits to achieve his dreams, which turned out to be something Mr. Navarra admired. Another Michael J. Fox movie that was a huge inspiration for Mr. Navarra was “For Love or Money” which was about a guy who was a concierge and knew all the tricks to make everyone happy. Again, Mr. Navarra admired that about the character in the movie and prompted him to establish something of that similarity.

PIETRO-3American movies really touched his heart and Mr. Navarra developed a desire to move on and do more than just work on the farm in his little town near Bologna, so he asked his sister to provide him with pictures and postcards of the U.S. He used these pictures and postcard to inspire himself and posted them on the very window that call him out every morning to go work on the farm.

Later in life, Mr. Navarra studied Hospitality and Tourism after receiving his degree as a Tour Operator. He also travelled Italy from top to bottom and found all the cool nooks that most tourist do not see when touring Italy. His love for his country grew even more as he saw the vast and beautiful history of Italy. He then started working at hotels to learn the trade. He also used the movie “For Love or Money” to see what American people liked. He was basically taking mental notes on what would become his concierge services to offer in Italy. During his travels, he also took notes learning about hospitality and how to deliver it. Mr. Navarra was on a mission, and his travels throughout Italy also served as the beginning of his vision that he would end up carrying out in America.


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