Every now and then there comes along an individual of grace and beauty. A philanthropist, spiritual leader, celebrity coach, world traveler, entrepreneur, are a few of the adjectives that describes Munni Irone. She is ambitious and the fire that drives her passion is evident the moment one gazes into her deep brown eyes. Her heart is golden and her journey unique. She hails from a land where many spiritual leaders have walked the planet such as Ghandi , Mother Teresa. Perhaps there is something there in the DNA that emanates across the globe that produces spiritual giants. Munni Irone says that she was awakened by Deepak Chopra. As a peace advocate, she also follows the footsteps of Dr. Hong of China, who is respected world wide for his promotion of peace. His walk has crossed paths with such individuals as the Pope. He is the promoter and founder of the Era of Conscience. He is the first global leader who created a community of happy and content people via wisdom and the martial arts. Dr. Hong will be showcased on the cover of Global Peace leaders 2017 limited edition book. Recently he was honored in the states and was the special guest of honor at the event which Ms Irone co-produced at the Hilton Universal which brought together world leaders to promote peace.