Eric Zuley, the CEO and Founder of WTV/WTV Networks and eZWay Broadcasting, Inc., is said to be paving the way with the transition of media and marketing into the digital age. In this new age of technology Eric is known and respected with regards to his social media expertise, marketing and branding. Be it in boardrooms, business mixers or in buzz on the internet, Eric is the guy to contact. This is not just hype you’re reading, these are comments made by people in California and all over the world. Eric has built a worldwide brand that is leaving CEO’s of large companies in awe. With 47,000 corporations following him on Twitter, he has a personal following of 170,000. The corporate world is finding it amazing that this young entrepreneur has built such an influential network and brand. He has gained the respect and wide admiration of leading individuals in both the corporate and entertainment worlds.

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