This is the story of a beautiful fairy tale we’ve all been living in for a decade. 2021 officially makes it a decade but you always round up in fairy tales. If you truly don’t know the date then you begin with “Once Upon A Time.”

But this is a modern fairy tale so we do know the date. Our story begins in 2011 when John David Snyder and his beautiful wife Niki Shadrow Snyder created Project Pop Drop. If you have a roof over your head, a refrigerator with food and a warm bed to sleep in you haven’t been affected “directly” by the fairy tale of Project Pop Drop, but you most certainly have been affected “indirectly.”

As Carl Jung explained, “We live in a collective unconscious. All of our minds pool together like sweet raindrops in a sun shower and form an invisible ocean of consciousness”. This is how ideas are spread around the world. So when a jolt of happiness and love is infused in the material world it spreads through the immaterial world of our collective unconscious.

When a homeless mother and her children receive food, blankets, personal hygiene products, socks, underwear, sleeping bags and toys from Project Pop Drop the love experienced by that family resonates through our collective unconscious like electrons through copper wires. Instantaneously.

You may have gone to sleep the previous night feeling slightly depressed about conditions in our world. And while you slept John Snyder and Niki Shadrow Snyder were in the dark streets of downtown Los Angeles feeding our homeless brothers and sisters. So, when you woke up the next morning you had a strange sensation of joy. Happiness. A feeling that something good happened in the world in the few hours your body rested. Human suffering was eased. This vibrant, unexplainable sensation of love stays with you all day. It affects the way you interact with everyone you encounter. They, in turn, of course, do the same. Project Pop Drop has created a ripple effect of compassion and caring in the world which gives birth to understanding. The roots to love and peace.

This is the fairy tale that Niki Shadrow Snyder and her husband John Snyder have immersed the world in since 2011 when the intense love they felt for each other produced an idea for the greatest social revolution the world has ever known: the concept of a “givefluencer”.

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