Georgia Swings

When we at Georgia Swings began building porch and patio swings 9 years ago, we had no idea that the demand for our products would be so great. It soon became apparent that Georgia Swings was a cut above the porch/patio swings and bed swings being sold at the typical box stores and swing companies. When customers began to come from neighboring states to purchase Georgia Swings and Bed Swings, we knew we had succeeded in creating a product that was by far superior to other porch and patio swing-products being sold.

Porch, patio and bed swings are no longer considered a luxury to be enjoyed by a few; they can be a Zen way of relaxation for anyone with a living space, or with the ability to imagine and create an elegant and peaceful place to read, meditate or just relax in luxury.

Savannah Daybed Swing

The Savannah Daybed Swing has an excellent design with a beautiful showroom finish making it ideal for indoor or outdoor living spaces. There are four solid wooden posts on each corner that attach directly to the hanging material, such as rope or chains. The design of the bed allows a bed swing cushion or mattress to sit into the frame about 1-1/2” to stabilize it while giving it a sleek contemporary look. Beautiful hand-cut wooden balusters run along the two sides and backrest. Adequate height and strength of the balusters comfortably support anyone who prefers to sit up instead of lying down.

Decatur Porch/Patio Swing

The Decatur Porch/Patio Swing. Traditional-style wooden porch swing with a flat seat and angled backrest. A flat seat allows for cushions to be placed securely between the armrest supports if desired. This swing has the nostalgia and charm that will complement many homes, especially historic and craftsman-style homes. Select from kiln-dried treated pine, western red cedar, or white oak as your solid wood of choice. Call: (404) 994-4997 |